Excel Student/Children Account [ESCA].

ESCA is a Children and Student Savings plan that allows parents to save for the education and future of their Children. This account will encourage both the parents and guidians to save for the future needs of their Children. Thus, cultivating a savings habit that would grow into large deposits which will be readily available to the Children once the need arises.

  • Interest rate is attractive
  • Minimum opening balance of N500.00
  • flexible Withdrawal
  • Standing order on parents account for funds to be transferred into the account (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)
  • Mobile and Telephone Banking
  • Save for one(1) year without withdrawal and earn interèst increment of 0.5%annually
  • 50% of a year's saving may be granted as loan should the need arise
  • Instant SMS alert
  • Very easy to start and operate
  • High interest rate on savings
  • Affords a customer financial discipline
  • Highly Flexible
  • Participation in Student/Children Educational empowerment programme

Excel Daily Contribution Scheme (EDCS).

EDCS account is a daily savings contribution account. It is a daily savings Scheme offer to our clients to provide an opportunity for capital accumulation and develop savings culture in people at the bottom of the pyramid.

  • Minimum opening balance of N100,00
  • Mobile Banking Instant SMS alert.
  • Flexible savings plan to accommodate unique income patterns.
  • Free and Convenient cash collection Service.
  • Free Corporate Gift.

Excel Target Savings (ETSA).

ETSA is an account that allows several savings plans to accommodate various diverse and complex means of capital accumulation for project execution. It allows a customer to deposit agreed amounts periodically until a specified amount is accumulated towards the projects.

  • Minimum opening balance of N2,000.00
  • Interest rate as high as 4.5% p.a depending on savings plan
  • Mobile and Instant SMS Alert.
  • Attracts a high interest rate of up to 4.5 % p.a depending on the savings plan.
  • Flexible and Convenient cash collection.
  • Grant access to project finance opportunity
  • Free Corporate Gift.

Excel Fixed Deposit Account (EFDA).

A Fixed Deposit Account gives you the opportunity to invest a fixed amount over a period at a fixed interest rate. You have the option of re-investing your funds on maturity or just your principal and having the interest paid into your account. You can invest for a three month, six month or one year term.

  • Interest rate is attractive
  • Flexible and Convenient process
  • You can reschedule,roll-over or part- Liquidate your investrment
  • Attracts a high interest rate, Capital Accumulation, 70% of deposit may be granted as loan

Excel Loan Facilities [ELF].

ExcelConsumer Credit Scheme Excel Business Loan ExcelAsset Acquisition Loan Scheme Excel LPO/Contract Financing ExcelOverdraft/Working Capital Facilities Excel Personal Loan.

  • Opening of Accounts
  • Acceptable Turnover
  • Ease access
  • Application shall be treated within 48hours.
  • Affordable Interest
  • Repayments are tailored to business Cashflow.
  • Itattracts free business advisory service.
  • Business/Market links
  • Flexible package to meet business needs.
  • Identification and monitoring business risks

Excel Group Lending (EGL).

This is a micro loan facility for the unbanked traders, artisans and low income earners.It is designed to afford the unbanked people who cannot meet the lending requirements of Deposit Money Banks to have access to credit facilities to have access to credit facilities to improve their business and reduce poverty.

  • Group formation: Minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 members
  • Minimum weekly saving of N500:00
  • Collateral Substitute
  • Regular Weekly Meetings
  • Access to micro credits of up to N200,000.00per member in each group
  • Easy to access
  • Free and Convenient Cash Collection Service
  • No Security

Excel Jolly Micro Loan (EJML).


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